Basic Utility Vehicles for Rural Transportation

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Our Vision

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human_1_thumb.jpgThe Institute for Affordable Transportation seeks to improve the lives of the world’s poor by providing simple, low-cost vehicles to facilitate community transformation.  BUVs open up possibilities for faster water delivery to remote villages, for quickened access to medical care, and for the safe transport of goods and people through rugged terrain.


To create unique transportation solutions, which relieve daily burdens and empower sustainable economic development to help transform communities in Africa and beyond.


We envision thriving communities where isolation due to undeveloped roads and poverty is no longer an obstacle to a better quality of life.


Faith – stewardship, prayer, sacrifice, love of others, hope, servanthood, compassion, generous, courage, taking appropriate risks, thankfulness

Integrity – honesty, consistency of actions and character, transparency, excellence

Empowerment – enable, equip, partnership, collaboration, unselfishness, we reach our highest potential together

Creativity – innovative, curious, visionary, open to ideas


Since it’s inception in 2001, IAT has worked stateside with local business leaders, corporations, volunteers, churches, families, and nonprofits to build connections between people that care for the world’s poor.  We then strive to serve as a bridge between our U.S. affiliates and the churches, missionaries, nonprofits, and local leaders in the developing world.  

The BUV has many applications and can be tailored to meet specific community needs. The most common uses include a delivery truck, school bus, water/food transporter, and ambulance.  There are also many options for agricultural implements for light tillage plowing, cultivating, planting, raking, and spreading fertilizer. There is also the added benefit of easily transporting crops to market.

IAT operates under the idea of “Business As Mission” [link to article] and has a vision for sustainability and economic growth within the areas that the BUV has had success.  It is our idea that BUV micro-factories could be viable if there are local, reliable businessmen to run them, and U.S. investors who can initially fund them.

We hope to partner with local business people in the countries that BUVs are serving in order to start micro-factories for “in-country” manufacturing.  These potential businesses will generate jobs, produce a needed product, help to fund ministries, and serve as a witness as it is run according to biblical principles.