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Mike Lantz to Ride Down Through Africa to Bring Awareness to BUV

Imagine riding a bike from Indianapolis to Los Angeles on unpaved roads. That's 2,000 miles on dirt roads with pot holes, rocks, bumps.
That's just part of the trip Mike Lantz will take, as he spends the first four months of 2015 riding through Africa on a titanium cyclo-cross bicycle with hand-picked parts. He'll ride from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa as part of the Tour d'Afrique bicycle race/tour. Mike is making this tour to help raise awareness for the BUV and our current crowdfunding campaign. Ultimately, Mike wants to draw attention to the BUV and how it's helping to change lives in rural parts of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 
Mike Lantz sitting on a BUV the day before he leaves for his Tour d'Afrique trip
Mike leaves Indiana on Saturday, January 3rd, and lands in Cairo a day later. The bike trip itself begins on January 9th, and ends 120 days later on May 9th when the group of 50 or so riders arrive in Cape Town. It's approximately 7,000 miles. 5,000 miles of that trip is on paved roads, while the other 2,000 miles is not paved (which is roughly the distance from Indianapolis to Los Angeles).
The trip departs from the Pyramids in Giza, and they'll follow the Nile river to Khartoum. From there, they'll head to Ethiopia, spend a day or two at Addis Ababa, before heading to Nairobi, Kenya. In the process, they'll ride up the Nile Gorge Mountain, a steep 20 kilometer (12 miles) climb. The elevation is 8,200 feet. From there, they'll pass through to Arusha to visit our BUV Tanzania micro-factory. (Several people from the ride will go on safari while they're there.)
After Tanzania, they'll cross into Zambia, make their way down to Victoria Falls where they'll spend a few days. From there, it's over to Botswana, Namibia, then crossing the Kalahari Desert, and they'll finally arrive in Cape Town, which is at the very end of Africa somewhere on or around May 9th.

While our crowdfunding campaign will end in February, Mike will keep going until April, and we'll have a new campaign up to coincide with the timing of his rides.
To keep up with Mike and his ride, follow him on Instagram, and keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Our Mission

The Institute for Affordable Transportation is a not-for-profit public charity devoted to improving the lives of the world's poor by providing simple, low-cost vehicles in order to facilitate community transformation.

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Mike Lantz to Ride Down Through Africa to Bring Awareness to BUV

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