Basic Utility Vehicles for Rural Transportation

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Unloading materials in Honduras

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Children on there way home from school in Kager Kenya

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Purdue University Students volunteering in Cameroon

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Will Austin, Executive Director of the IAT, and the Basic Utility Vehicle

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A family loading logs into the BUV in Honduras

About IAT

Zim-kids-closeup_thumb.jpgThe Institute for Affordable Transportation is a not-for-profit public charity devoted to improving the lives of the world's poor

Human Impact

120x90-girl3.jpg Every day we hear stories about the impact that BUVs are having all over the world.   Let us share some inspiring stories from over 150 BUVs serving in 28 countries across Africa and Central America.


Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

indiegogo logo.jpgSupport our Indiegogo Campaign to send 50 BUV's to Tanzania.  Follow Mike Lantz on Instagram as he bikes 7000 miles across Africa to raise awareness for the campaign. 

Manufacturing in Tanzania

120x90wheel.png Watch our latest video of BUV factory in Tanzania and hear Scott Price describe it's impact.


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